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Emergency 24 hour Electrician near me?

So you need a electrician… fast!

We are a reputable electrical company that is reliable and certified. We can produce a C.O.C for all our work.

Someone who arrives on time, fixes the job, and leaves you smiling – not crying.

That is what 1Roof offers you.


Why choose 1Roof Electrical?

Emergency 24 hour Electrical Services available in Gauteng and Pretoria. We do Electrical Inspection, Repairs and Installation on 1-phase and 3-phase.

Our work is inspected and certified by our own master electricians.

Hassle Free Payment Options available.


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Our Electrical Safety Experts do Electrical Inspection / Testing and Compliant Inspections on your home and office. A thorough checkup of all your electrical connections and wiring installed in your home, office or factory.

See “Electrical COC’s” below


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We have a team of electrical technicians who do business and household electrical repairs. From fixing a light switch, ceiling fans, stoves and circuit breaker repair and more.

See “DB Boards & Electric Trips” below


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We supply and install: plugs, lights, switches, trippings, generators, change over switches, surge arrestors, isolator switches / switch disconnectors, lightning protection


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Prevent the risk of electrical fires from faulty wiring! We safely route all the wires and cables to various appliances, lights, switches and receptacles. Our licensed electricians will handle all of your home electrical wiring and repairs.


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We supply, install and repair, DB boards and switches and Pool DB boards. We do DB box wiring on both 1-phase and 3-phase. If your electricity keeps tripping or you have no power due to a problem with your circuit breaker give us a call today.


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I have no power in my house… Help! Give us a call.
1Roof will send out a qualified electrician who won’t charge you an arm and a leg… and a toenail. We are affordable and reliable. We will find the problem and restore power as soon as possible.


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We certify that all electrical components are safe and up to date in accordance to the ECA or Electrical Board South Africa. So if you are selling your house, or if you have made changes to electrical system over the years like add additional plug points, garden lights plugs etc. a Master Electrician must check all the system and ensure that work has been done accordingly. We check sizes of cables, the circuits are the correct amperage, and that no overloading has been done.

A proper COC Inspection will therefore check and test every plug point, circuit breaker, the DB board is balanced and cable through the roof. Amperage, Voltage and Current..


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No electrical problem is too big or too small for our attention! Your safety is paramount. Please call us to make an appointment and we will rush to help.

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