Plumbing Services

Emergency 24 hour Plumber near me?

So you need a plumber… fast!

A reputable plumbing company that is reliable and won’t charge you an arm and a leg?

Someone who arrives on time, fixes the job, and leaves you smiling – not crying.

That is what 1Roof offers you.


These are some of the services we offer you:

Repairs and Installations of Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet,  Taps, Sinks, Geysers etc..

Unblocking or fixing Burst drains, Sewerage pipes etc.

Hazzle Free Payment Options available.


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You name it, and we can install it for you. From baths, his and hers basins, toilets, showers and shower roses, sinks and sink mixers and taps. We also do connections of washing machines, dishwashers and fridge to tap. We will even supply, install or convert your dual Jojo water system.


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We repair and install geysers on site! No need to wait while someone takes your geyser away for a third party to find time to fix or replace your geyser. Our qualified plumbers will come to your home or business – saving you time. Burst or faulty geysers fixed in record time. We check and fix geyser faults and do geyser fitting and element replacements.


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Leaking taps and toilets are messy, irritating and waste a lot of water. They can damage carpets, flooring, cupboards etc. and the mould buildup and pests it attracts are unhygienic.
We fix leaking or dripping taps, pipes, toilets, sinks etc. Leaking roofs and ceilings may be caused by a pipe or geyser valve.


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We will send a plumber to you to fix / repair your burst pipe on site. Our dedicated plumbers have seen it all. We fix burst copper pipe and handle frozen pipe repair as well.


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We will move any plumbing pipes used in your bathroom, toilet, kitchen, washing machine and other sewerage or drain pipes you need relocated. Copper plumbing pipes and water lines, sink, shower or kitchen plumbing or fixtures may need to moved for a number of reasons, and we can assist you to do so in a clean and professional manner.


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Unblocking drains is something that needs to be done quickly and by a professional drain cleaning service. Unclogging a toilet, shower, sink or sewer pipe may require hydro jetting. We have water jetters and roto rooter machines that can reach far down to fix your blocked drain. Instead of using harsh chemicals that may not even work and sometimes block up drains further give us a call.


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A collapsed drain is when a pipe or drainage system has collapsed in on itself. This could be caused by tree roots, blockages, flooding and pressure on the drainage system itself. We will check for signs of collapsed sewer lines and fix them as soon as possible.


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As licensed plumbers we assure the quality of our work by issuing you a Plumbing COC Certificate. We are proud of all our work and by issuing you a PIRB COC, take full ownership and accountabity for the work we have done for you.

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Plumbing Services

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