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750lt, 2000lt, 5000lt, 5500lt, 10000lt water tanks available for storing rain water and saving you on municipal water costs.

1Roof Plumbing and Electrical is offering a free JoJo Tank installation to the charity of your choice – for every 100th installation.
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JoJo produces safe water and storage tank solutions ideal for domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial applications.

Benefits of JoJo Tanks:

Environmentally Sound, Reduces Municipal Water Demand, Reduces Sewerage Outfall, Cost Effective.

Is Rainwater safe to drink?

It is possible for us to drink untreated rainwater. This is because rainwater is pure, distilled water evaporated from the sun – nothing else. This water (groundwater) is relatively safe for drinking. However, rainwater that falls to the ground does not just get absorbed into the soil – it goes everywhere.

How long you can keep water in a JoJo tank?

Under ideal circumstances, municipal water can be stored inside a JoJo tank for extended periods of time due to the fact that it is chlorinated. To keep your water fresh, however, it is recommended to rotate the water every two weeks.

1Roof Plumbing - JoJo Water Tanks Colours Available

1Roof Plumbing – JoJo Water Tanks Colours Available

Other JoJo Products

Booster pumps, water filtration, chemical storage, sanitation, agricultural, for garden, for pool, for home, drums, dog kennels, smaller tanks

Accessories Available

Rainwater Harvesting, Water Tank Level Monitos, Lids, Taps, Reducers, Fittings, Connectors, Stands and more.

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