Tips on How to Prevent Common Plumbing Problems in Winter

Common Plumbing Problems experienced in Winter, and

some tips on how to prevent them from happening to you.

Not only are our feet frozen this winter – moving us closer to loved ones, a heater or warm fire… but our houses also take a knock.

Common plumbing problems we come across during the winter months (and some tips on how to avoid them) are listed below:


Unprotected pipes whether indoors or outdoors can freeze if the weather is cold enough.

TIPS: Outside taps that are shut for extended periods of time become susceptible – so allowing a tap to slowly drip causes motion in the water, and the pipes are less likely to freeze up. This may prevent pipes from bursting. Insulating your pipes by using heating tape, foam rubber or even fibre-glass sleeves directly on the pipes can also help. Hidden pipes in cabinets or beneath your main floor (part of your outside system) must also be properly managed.


As the temperature drops, so the demand for hot water increases. You may find your family competing for hot water for showers or baths. But your hot water is also being used for doing laundry and for washing dishes. When the temperature drops you now have additional strain on your geysers and water heaters. A standard water heater lasts for about ten years. after which it needs replacement parts or a total replacement.

TIPS: Have your geyser/s inspected before the cold hits. You can also insulate your geyser – with a special and blanket and your pipes with foam insulation to prevent heat loss.


Cold weather, extra food preparation and a few extra guests all using extra water will put a greater strain on your water system.

TIPS: Have your drains cleared before you expect the oncoming winter cold or an influx of guests during holiday seasons. 1Roof Plumbers will gladly assist you if your toilet, sink, shower or drain has become clogged. Give us a call.


This is a serious problem – as a frozen or burst sewerage system needs to be fixed quickly. Cold air can cause the line form the house to the tank to freeze or the septic tank itself to burst

TIPS: Have your septic tank before the cold sets in. If your septic tank does burst, call us to get the problem fixed – fast!


Cold temperature tends to expand the water inside your pipes. A frozen line can cause the pipe to split, crack or burst. This can be a very expensive problem to fix, so take measures to prevent this.

TIPS: If you already have a water leak, get a plumber to fix it before it gets worse and before winter sets in. Disconnect the garden hose from the outside tap. Drain the pipes of left over water. Shut off all valves.

Winter getting you down?

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