Solar Geyser Conversion

Convert your existing geyser into a Solar Geyser!
Using Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors, you can generate hot water using thermal energy.

By retrofitting this conversion, you effectively collect solar energy straight into your existing electrical geyser. The evacuated tube solar collector is installed on your roof to generate thermal energy, while your existing geyser is used as a storage tank for the hot water being generated.

This offers a very affordable and popular solution to convert to solar hot water heating.

Affordable & Highly-effective Solar Geyser Conversion


  • 15 Tube Solar Collector : R8,000
  • 18 Tube Solar Collector : R9,100
  • 20 Tube Solar Collector : R10,000 (suitable for 250L geysers)
  • 30 Tube Solar Collector : R13,800 (suitable for 300L geysers)

 If your Solar tube collector is facing OFF north, you decrease the amount / capacity of hot water collected – by about 50 litres.

  • Capable of absorbing solar energy in the toughest weather conditions
  • Reducing your electricity cost
  • Efficient, low profile, aesthetically pleasing, corrosion, freeze and hail resistant
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance
  • Leave a green footprint on the Earth!
Solar Energy

Solar heating is very cost effective and the Sun is the most renewable source of energy. Because of the rising cost in electricity in South Africa, solar energy has become extremely popular.

We offer
  • Best locally available components
  • High quality
  • Top performing reliable systems
Solar Geyser Conversions Leave a Green Footprint on the Earth

Solar Geyser Conversions Leave a Green Footprint on the Earth

Ecological Footprint
The ecological footprint measures human demand on nature, i.e., the quantity of nature it takes to support people or an economy.

Convert to a Solar Geyser

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