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Solar Geyser Thermal Controller

Works on Thermosyphon and on Pumped Solar Systems!
We want to introduce you to a Solar Water Heating Accessory, namely the Thermal Controller / Thermostat.

Affordable & Easy to use Thermal Controller

A basic solar geyser installation has only a few components:

1) You have the collectors that capture the radiation from the sun
2) Pipes through which the heat is distributed
3) The pump that helps to circulate the heat
4) The Water tank where the water is stored.
     (can be your existing electric geyser – see Solar Geyser Conversion)
5) The Thermal controller


The thermal controller is considered the brain of a solar geyser installation. It tells the pump when to start circulating either the heating fluid or water.
Two sensors control the heating. The first sensor is attached to the collector, while the second sensor keeps tabs on the tank.
The thermal controller senses when there is enough heat on the collector’s side. If that is so, the controller will switch on the pump and will start circulating heat.


  • Geyser Controllers can help you save up to 20% on your total electricity bill
  • Can be used as a timer on a thermosyphon solar system
  • Can be used as a timer and differential control on pumped solar system
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Some Useful Functions
  • Auto or manual heating.
  • Easy temperature setting to your requirements (30 – 65°C) factory default is 55°C.
  • Four different temperature settings.
  • Daily programmable timer with four time settings.
  • Error conditions alert by warning code E1 to E7.
  • Electronic thermostat with mechanical thermal cut-out at 90°C.
  • Collector antifreeze protection at 5°C

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