The high quality, highly effective thermosyphon solar hot water geysers use natural convection to generate hot water
A more affordable and just as effective solar geyser system is the low-pressure (or no-pressure) solar geyser.
SAVE UP TO 35% on your Electricity Bill each month!

Installation and Sales of Solar Geysers

Save Electricity > Save Money > Save the Environment

A Solar Geyser System is an attractive alternative to Electric Geysers.
We have many sizes and configurations to choose from, depending on your requirements. Please ask us for advice – we are here to help.

Solar Geysers, or Solar Water Heaters (SWH) are sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and save you money every month.

We sell, install and maintain Kwikot KwikSol / HeatTech / HiTech / Apollo Solar Geysers!

If you are looking at this page, then you already know that you can save money on electric bills.
In South Africa, the average energy consumption is between 8kW / h and 12kW / h each month.
Your single biggest electricity guzzler is your geyser, which uses 4kW / h.
On average, by installing or converting your geyser to a solar geyser you can save up to 35% of your usage.

Will I always have hot water?

You can always have hot water! This is achieved by setting the correct times your backup elements will work.

Backup elements?

These are electric (or battery powered) backup elements. After a short time, you will realise when you use the most hot water. This will put some strain on the amount of hot water available at other times. When you require hot water and do not have it at that time… set your backups to switch on just before these times.

Do solar geysers require maintenance?

Yes. Simple maintenance can be done yourself, But rather call a 1Roof professional to check all the parts and do a thorough check at the same time.

1Roof Plumbing - Solar Geyser Installers - Gauteng and Pretoria - We are here 24/7 on 0861 620 620 or 062 313 8132

1Roof Plumbing – Solar Geyser Installers – Gauteng and Pretoria – We are here 24/7 on 0861 620 620 or 062 313 8132

Electric vs Solar

Without the use of backup elements, an electric geyser will recover and warm the water quicker.
The electric geyser’s 4kW element switches on as soon a warm water tap is switched on. Your solar geyser’s 2kW element is switched OFF at certain times as required by Eskom.
Therefore, at certain times (depending on your water use) your water will be colder than from the electric geyser.

Cost saving on the other hand is clearly measurable. Please see the “Solar Geyser Savings Chart” below.

Get your Solar Geyser Now

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This chart shows your monthly and yearly cost savings by using one Solar Water Heater (SWH) / Solar Geyser instead of an Electric Geyser, More geysers will increase your electricity savings. The below electricity cost takes into account the approved 8% increase in Electricity Tariffs on Eskom’s website. [SOURCE:] The electricity saving is set very conservatively at 24% on your monthly electricity account.. The general industry states that by installing a Solar Water Heater you can save between 40% – 50% on your electricity bill.  


By following some basic adjustments to water use, you will be able to maximise your savings.

Allow the sun

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Allow the sun as much time as possible to heat up the water.

Minimise backups

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Minimise the use (and amount of) of electricity backups used to heat your water.

Backup elements

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By reducing the amount of backup elements you risk not having enough hot water after hours. On the flip side you are maximising yoru energy savings.

Evening water

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Use up most of your hot water a night. This way the sun has heated the bulk of your water.

Morning water

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If you have used the bulk of your water during the day, you may need to use your electricity backups. These will heat the water for evening or morning use.


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If more capacity is required for hot water, you may decice to increase the geyser size. If this is not sufficient (or suitable), more solar panels and geysers can then be installed.

What is a Thermosiphon System?

A thermosiphon system is a passive solar hot water system that relies on natural convection to circulate water through the collectors and to the tank. … Meanwhile, cooler water in the tank flows down pipes to the bottom of the collector, causing circulation throughout the system.

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